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SFR was created to bring you games that players enjoy.  We do this now by providing you the popular strategy game Dragon Dice™, our newest game Daemon Dice™, and will do so in the future by designing new games. At SFR we are dedicated to make quality games that will satisfy gamers of all ages.


Looking for rules for your dice?
As always all the rules for all dice are in the Complete Rule Book.
For a summary of the Acolytes rules, check out our Forum Topic.
For a summary of the Battlefield rules, check out our Forum Topic.

Interviews by Bring Your A-Game!
DragonDice and SFR has been getting some press! Go take a look at the very nice articles that have been written about us recently.Dragon Dice @ Bring Your A-Game.
Demo Playmats from Gencon
Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at Gencon. As promised the Demo Playmats are now available for download as a PDF. Get them from this Forum Topic.
Want to get cool Dragon Dice™ stuff?
Well check out our new line of "softwear" products at cafepress


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