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Metal dragons

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:44 am GMT    Post subject: Metal dragons Reply with quote

The creation of metal dragons is appreciated, though I'm disenchanted by their ordinary character. These are Nature's substantial teardrop offspring. How about some tweaks to revere the elemental dragon ancestry with a custom Jaws icon and terrain advantage or Breath result variation?
    Suggested terrain advantage: Save results are unmodified at a terrain sharing the dragon's element.

    Suggested Breath result variation: Double damage to armies not at all sharing the dragon's element.

Dragon's teased from the Dragon Dice™ tombs:
    Eldurim (Earth/Gold) Drake - He was truly a child of first blood, being the dutiful son and supporting his mother in all her causes. Eldurim was a grim being, with his visage of stone, though his heart was true. With his passage into existence the creation of substance, of rock and earth, began.

    Ailuril (Air/Blue) Wyrm - She was light of substance and bright of personality, this child of freedom who could not be captured or tamed. Ailuril swept across Esfah, pausing to caress the solid fastness of her brother's bones before streaking off into the Void that surrounded them all.

    Firiel (Fire/Red) Drake - A destructive but cleansing power, she was a creature of passion and burning desires, with an intensity and purpose that brooked little compromise, and fiercely devoted to her mother. Firiel swept through Esfah, scorching her brother's rocks and stones, melting them and putting her own stamp upon the land.

    Aguarehl (Water/Green) Wyrm - This son was mercurial in nature, one moment calm and soothing, the next thunderous and violent. He set about quenching his sister's flames with his own tides, furiously checking fires and volcanic eruptions. Alone of all his brethren, Aguarehl sensed that Esfah was like a vicious sore to the Void.

    Death (Black) Wyrm - He was an evil creature, with a vile soul and a spiteful heart. The Misbegotten One spread hatred and despair wherever he went. Death rose up against Nature and moved to strike her, longing only to send his black tendrils into she who had borne him and crush her heart.
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