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Ridiculously happy with 4.0

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Joined: 22 Nov 2017
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Location: Quincy, CA

PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:10 pm GMT    Post subject: Ridiculously happy with 4.0 Reply with quote

Just read the 'update' page for version 4 rules, and love it! From how magic has been altered, racial abilities, army composition, 8th face, I can't cheer enough for what has been done to clear up, rework, and just overall increase the game!
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Joined: 01 Jan 2011
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Location: Maryland

PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 8:30 am GMT    Post subject: Reply with quote

I agree that v4 rules are a welcomed improvement to v3. A group of my friends and I played with the new rules last night. We played a few games: Undead v.Dwarves, Dwarves vs. Amazons, Dwarves vs. Amazons vs. Feral, and Feral vs. Amazons.

After playing these games I have a few observations. First off I should preface that I was playing the undead/Feral in these games, secondly, I actually put magic units in my army where the other two players did not.

The first game went well, I was rolling poorly for magic with my undead who had managed to capture one of the 8th faces early in the game. I surprisingly won with a restless dead spell and then outmaneuvered the dwarves at the second terrain.

The second game was won by the dwarves by completely annihilating Amazons in melee combat.

The third game was where things got interesting. This three player game where it was really Dwarves and Amazons teaming up against Feral because they didn't trust the feral's racial ability. Well, guys, they were right. Once i captured a flatland city it was over. The Amazons did capture a tower and made full use of their javelin charge against me, while the Dwarves turned the frontier terrain to a missile face and began shooting at me there. Three times they took out 60% of my forces and between feralize, the city's 8th face ability and magic i would bring back most of my forces the next turn. Each turn I was able to generate 13-17 magic reliably. I would also save reliably. When I tried to break my turtling by putting my cavalry units in the reserves and the Amazons would shoot them dead. I ended the game by summoning the Amazon players Ivory dragon and my Hybrid Dragon to the amazons tower where it effectively obliterated their forces leaving about 5 points left. The dwarves i just turtled and moved the hybrid dragon and cast lightning strike on their largest units killing them. There was one point in the game where the Dwarves tried to contest me on my homeland trying to move it down but they failed. I had cast Berserker rage, wilding, and wind walk, on that army just in case they melee attacked me. The former two spells plus the Stampede racial ability was an effective deterrent against such an action. Needless to say, I eventually won by routing both armies.

Fourth game went very similar. Again the amazons let me get the 8th face early. This is as they sat at the frontier and shot at me to widdle my forces down. But once I hit the 8th face it was over, I started casting spells to bring my units back, then I cast a few lightning strike spells to take out their monsters. I tried summoning two dragons when i could but this time they managed to defeat them as i rolled a tail, belly and the hybrid rolled a claw. The Amazons moved back to the reserves and then to their home. Eventually, I moved the hybrid dragon to their home terrain while moving my cavalry units to into my reserve. I cast a few more lightning strikes at their army at the home terrain killing their biggest units leaving 4 points of amazons left. Then the dragon attacks, rolling breath killing the rest.

So things that I learned with the rule changes.

One Amazons are to be feared at tower period. Javelin charge and doubling ID icons really pack a lot of damage.

Feral's Stampede + Berserker Rage + Wilding, is a good way to deter an opponent from performing a melee action against you at a flat land. Maneuver and Saves now count as melee results at a flatland, and now you can double one of the saves or melee results. If you had an elephant roll trumpet, I think that would be game over for the other side. I was at an 8th face too so double id icons.

When fighting feral DO NOT let them get an 8th face period. Do not let them cast magic. Bring a fey land as the proposed terrain since that is the only terrain they cannot feralize.

Build an army with some magic units. My friends had no way other than rolling ID icons to generate magic when needing to bring back their units from the dead.

I will say that i was surprised that ferilization was not reduced in its power with the v4 rules. I would have thought it would at least require you to roll the unit you were trying to recruit or promote, to roll an ID icon. Or have it where it can only be done at a land containing Yellow AND Blue colors. The latter would encourage a Feral player to bring a flat land minor terrain.

Anyway it was a fun night. Sorry for the long post but just wanted to share my story about how our first playthrough of the v4.0 rules went.
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Joined: 20 Jul 2007
Posts: 39
Location: Durham

PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2018 7:25 am GMT    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, very happy with my first go at the new rules.

The three main things (so far) I think improve the strategy of the game:

Making racial abilities based on the colour, rather than the type of terrain.

Doubling of ID's only, not all results of the doubled type.

The Minor Terrains are now a genuine (and for me essential) part of the game.

I'm sure there is more in there, but I'm very happy with what I've seen so far.

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