Coral Elves Dragon Dice

In The World Of Esfah…

Ailuril and Aguarehl, the second and fourth children of Nature (she who is Mother of All), brought forth the first of the Elder Monsters: the winged gryphon, the tiny sprite swarm, the intelligent sea creature called the tako, and the mighty coral giant. (Legends whisper fearfully of a fifth Elder Monster. Some say it is a denizen of the deep, an inhabitant of the sunless waters of a remote sea. They call this creature Leviathan.)

Ailuril and Aguarehl were pleased with their efforts, for the sprite was a comely little thing, and the giant a powerful guardian force. But the children of Nature took a closer look at their creation, and they saw that the Elder Monsters were imperfect, that they lacked true beauty and grace. Ailuril and Aguarehl redoubled their efforts and brought forth the Selumari, the First Species.

Crafted of air and water, the Selumari were beings of splendor and light. They were a noble species, filled with wisdom and guided by joy and compassion.

But the mercurial nature of air and water bred true in the Selumari, and after many generations the Coral Elves lost some of their dignity and virtue. They embraced warlike pursuits, and learned spells of destruction.

They fell from grace as the favored First Species.

About This Species

Coral Elves are the first species of Dragon Dice®. Made of the elements of Air and Water, Coral elves are a powerful army from the coastland.

Coral Elves have a cheat sheet of all applicable spells and SAIs. View the Rules Sheet

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