Eldarim Dragon Dice

In The World Of Esfah…

They were the lonely legends of Esfah; the ancient species of Eldarim, Dragonhunters and Dragonmasters. Their power against dragons inspired awe; their might in arms and magic aroused wonder. Their solitary existence lasted for centuries. Whether they were originally of Nature or Death no one knew, but each held the power of one of Esfah’s elements in hand. A select few even gained power over all the elements, and became mighty Dragonlords and Dragonslayers.

Yet, although they were wanderers throughout the land, they attracted small groups of followers. The Eldarim began teaching these curious ones the powers of the elements they knew. As the acolytes gained control over their element, they also began to gain control over the elemental creatures of Esfah. True, they were no match for the dragons, but the dragonkin found in them kindred souls-elemental beings who were somewhat less than their mightier cousins. Skilled warriors, swift cavalry, crafty shield-bearers, and elemental mages learned to harness powers they had little dreamed of. Some of the very gifted were selected for advanced training in secret locations and rose to the status of Dragonhunter or Dragonmaster themselves.

Communities of these acolytes soon took root. As they did, they were drawn into the battles between the children of Nature and the minions of Death. They found welcome in many of the armies in the land, and even beyond. With their affinity to the Dragonkin, they brought a new, singular fury and new elemental powers to the battlefield.

Once again the balance of power in Esfah is changing-but who will gain from it?

About This Species

Eldarim are one of the advanced species of Dragon Dice®. Specially trained in individual Elements, Eldarim come in multiple single-color units.

Eldarim have a cheat sheet of all applicable spells and SAIs. View the Rules Sheet

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