Goblins Dragon Dice

In The World Of Esfah…

In the dark fastness of night, Death watched his siblings play with their fledgling creations, and hatred burned bright in his heart. He saw his brother Eldurim bid the others a good night and wander off, seeking rest.

The mad child, born of Nature and the Void, fell upon Eldurim, striking him from behind. Death ripped away great chunks of earth, defiling them as he flung them aside. Tiny creatures sprang from the scattered pebbles of blackened earth, and they grew into the twisted, vicious species know as the Trogs.

Death laughed at the sight of his offspring, delighted with their vile spirit and corrupt nature. Five there were who showed particular malevolence of spirit, and these Death showered with his especial attention. And so the loathsome Younger Monsters were created: the poisonous death naga, dissonant harpies, repulsive shambler, and cunning troll.

Of the fifth Goblin to receive Death’s attention there remains only the darkest rumors. Some say it remains inside Death’s stronghold, feeding still on its creator’s malevolent spirit. Others say it haunts the dark regions of Trogland, where whispers name it Cannibal.

About This Species

Goblins are one of the first 5 species of Dragon Dice®. Bred for war and discord, Goblins are a dangerous combination of Earth and Death.

Goblins have a cheat sheet of all applicable spells and SAIs. View the Rules Sheet

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