Lava Elves Dragon Dice

In The World Of Esfah…

Death laughed at the sight of his Trogs, created from his corruption of Eldurim’s bones. “What else might I beget?” thought he, and his wicked eye fell upon his sister Firiel.

He ravished her, but the spirit of fire fought back. Firiel charred the flesh of Death, and he fell away, writhing in pain at her cleansing power. Frantically he scraped his limbs, seeking only to escape his pain.

The brittle bits of flesh fell to the ground, then slowly grew as the life spirit within them took hold. They sprang from the soil beneath Death’s feet, fully formed as the Morehl. They looked up at their father, who looked down at them and laughed, well pleased, his burns forgotten.

As Death had done with his Trogs, so did he with the Morehl. A favored few he imbued with more of his bitter spirit, corrupting nearly all that remained of Firiel in these children. And so the dreaded beholder was born, as were the evil drider, the snarling hell hound, and the ferocious rakshasa.

A fifth Morehl showed an exceptional aptitude for malevolence, and Death fostered it with special care. Now the Lurker in the Deep guards the inner sanctum of the Morehl homeland, and none save Lava Elves have ever seen it.

About This Species

Lava Elves are the one of the first five species of Dragon Dice®. A deadly mixture of Fire and Death, Lava elves seek to destroy.

Lava Elves have a cheat sheet of all applicable spells and SAIs. View the Rules Sheet

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