Treefolk Dragon Dice

In The World Of Esfah…

Nature looked up from the war-ravaged plain, weary and saddened by the loss of the Selumari and Vagha, the mighty Amazons, and her Feral animal-folk. From the highlands to the coasts, in the swamps and across the plains, this battle between Nature and Death had raged like a ravenous beast. Each time she had brought forth a new species to stem the tide of evil, Death had corrupted another in return.

But Nature would not give up, refusing to allow the destruction of all that was good on Esfah. She commanded two of her children – Eldurim and Aguarehl – to let loose their powers of earth and water. "Raise up a new species," Nature beseeched. "We dare not fail; we must defend life!"

And so Earth embraced the roots of the great trees of the Elder Forest, and Water imbued those roots with intelligence and power. The great trees changed, transformed with sentience; the brooks and streams came to life and took on beautiful feminine forms in her honor; and Nature’s truest essence became embodied hearts bound to the trees, female companions for life. A sylvan people emerged from the Elder Forest to take up the course of light and life across war- torn Esfah.

About This Species

Treefolk are the one of the latter species of Dragon Dice®. Sentient trees from the forests of Esfah, Treefolk are a combination of Water and Earth.

Treefolk have a cheat sheet of all applicable spells and SAIs. View the Rules Sheet

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Treefolk Vs. Firewalker Starter

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