Undead Dragon Dice

In The World Of Esfah…

The Elder Species, the mortal Amazons, and the hostile Firewalkers were all engaged in war, squabbling over territories and imagined slights. The species of Esfah were out of control, and there were none to temper them, to teach them gentler ways. Nature and her elemental children were still in seclusion, recovering from the wounds inflicted by Death.

But Death remained on Esfah, and at last he tired of torturing his pets and let them loose. He turned his attention to the face of the world, and saw that the species had destroyed much of the once beautiful land. Mountains lay scarred by spells, fields were trampled by cavalry, and streams flowed red with the blood of the dead.

Death laughed, a great booming sound filled with malicious mirth. He leapt into the air, his form sprouting huge bat- like wings, and he wended his way across the land. His sharp eyes espied the bodies of the forlorn dead, and again he laughed joyously.

And in his wake, the bones of the dead, the decaying corpses of the dead, rose with trembling hatred to follow their master.

It was the dawn of the dead, and never had a day looked so grim.

About This Species

Undead are the one of the latter species of Dragon Dice®. Rising from the grave, Undead are a species of Death.

Undead have a cheat sheet of all applicable spells and SAIs. View the Rules Sheet

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