Esfah Sagas

In eons past, when time was young and creation malleable, the four powers of Nature — earth, air, fire, and water — the children of Nature, gods in their own rights, brought forth two species of beings to care for their fledgling world of Esfah, created by the all-father, Tarvanehl . One species, the Selumari or coral elves, was created to husband the fluid forces of air and water. The other species, the Vagha, a dwarvish species, embodied the stability of earth and the tempering power of fire. Together, these two peoples worked to nurture their infant world into something glorious and beautiful... but then another god revealed himself: Death...

Standalone Novels

Rise & Fall of the Obsidian Grotto

A devious elder monster allies with the lava elves of the Obsidian Grotto. She promises to provide an elven general with arcane weapons to throw down their dwarven enemies, and also the support of a black magic wielding cult hidden within the Nhur-Gale Forest. General Shedakor assumes that any bargain with such a dark creature would extract a high cost... but can he afford to pay it?

Army of the Dead

Following the Battle of Wakefield Plain, the Lava Elves are driven back to their eastern home and the Dwarves of Dehnlee are looking forward to peace, but when the Dead begin to rise and form a new army of darkness, the Dwarven army is forced to fight once more, this time against an army which includes their own deceased brethren.

Cast of Fate

Can the morehl be redeemed? Calantha, the city’s selumari governor adopted a morehl child, hoping to prove that nurture can overcome nature. But that child, Orric, has grown into a capricious rogue, brilliant and witty, but prone to danger and rage.

Novel Series

The Relic Quests

Ashes of Ailushurai

When a reluctant Dwarven adventurer undertakes a quest on behalf of his blind father, he accidentally awakens an ancient evil banished ages ago. Now, with dark elves and goblinoid trogs snapping at his heels, Hy’Targ must prevent a powerful lich from reuniting with the ancient bones of his lover. Failure means a new age of darkness will spread across the land.

Rise of the Champions

Hy’Targ the dwarf and his crew take up the mantle of the Gods’own: the chosen champions of the gods. When Hy’Targ, Varanthl, Mantieth, and Elorall set out to quest after a mysterious relic so that crazed Death cultists cannot retrieve it, the Gods’own finds themselves flung into a much larger adventure than they could have ever foreseen!


(coming 2022)

The Cyrean Songs

Chill Wind

A vaghan dwarf soldier, Geril sa'Ghuren, returns to his home of Balgavarr Reaches after a horrific battle at the faraway coral elf city of Tulgesh. With most of his friends killed and the city captured by the invading lava elves, he despairs that the morehl may next discover the vaghan city before his people can prepare.

Eye of the Storm

Coryn sa’Geril, daughter of the famed hero of Balgavar Reaches, is best friends with Ra’al, a monstrous creature of the frozen north. Ra’al happens to be the son of another champion—a king who died to save the Kafnysan Mountains decades ago. Together, they travel to Tulgesh in hopes of enlisting aid from the selumari, the blue elves, fearing that the worst has happened: the undead have been moving unchecked in the tundra for centuries…

Secrets of the Shadowlands

Broken and bloodied from the siege of their home, the dwarves of Balgavarr Reaches launch an offensive to save their allies in the Shadowlands stronghold of Castle Ice. But the selumari airship they’ve commandeered can only do so much in the face of such great evil.

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